5 Ways To Find A Business Partner In 2021

Businesses are conceived and formulated in different manners. If you are an amateur business owner and looking to expand your business, a reliable business partner always takes you to the next level. However, it isn’t that easy to find a reliable partner in the world we live in today.

Finding a partner that is serious and reliable at the same time can seem to be an uphill task. Some people have searched many years for a trustworthy partner and settled for a friend or family member only to find out that it’s not that simple. A true business partner will keep you motivated to keep completing your own tasks while handling business from a different angle. That’s why it’s best to have a partner with different experiences that can cover your personal weak points.  In this post, we will be discussing five proven ways that can help you find a business partner in 2021.


Surprise! You must be wondering why LinkedIn is on this list? Yes, it is a job portal that helps you in finding jobs, but at the same time, with LinkedIn, you can build several connections that could prove fruitful in the future.

On the contrary, people are not easily approachable on LinkedIn. The reason behind this is that many users are unaware of the opportunities one can grasp from LinkedIn. The chat option isn’t too responsive, and you may have to wait for long to initiate a conversation with someone, or never even get a response from them.

Facebook Groups

Well, we all are aware of the power of social media, and when we talk about social media, Facebook is the undisputed king. Making connections on Facebook is easy, as it is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide.

However, the only flaw with the Facebook Group is that there are too many distractions. The groups often get flooded with too many unrelated replies, spammers, and scammers. Facebook could be a great approach to finding a true business partner, but you will have to deal with multiple distractions that could leave you overwhelmed.

Ziga Inc.

Ziga Inc. is a dedicated iOS application to find business partners with ease. The app provides small business owners with a simple yet effective approach to find business partners. Despite being new in the territory, the application has managed to be very helpful among its users. This looks promising for the app in the long run, and we can expect elevated users on Ziga Inc. in the near future.

On the downside, Ziga inc. is currently only operating on iOS, and isn’t expected to be out for android until June 2021.


Found2be is yet another portal that allows a business owner to connect new people and connect with them. The Found2Be service enables people to find like-minded individuals who can form a partnership. You have to be above 18 to use this service and should approve the terms and conditions.

The only drawback of using this service is you can use this service only on Windows PCs.

Meetup Meeting

The final service on the list is Meetup Meeting.- This service allows you to find events nearby or geographical locations that you have already set. You can host online or in-person events and meet people in your local community who share the same interest. One of the spiciest things about this service is that it allows you to form a group, which can be recommended to interested people.

The only downside is that that meeting in groups hasn’t been the way of life recently. Hopefully, the company can soon find another way for their users to Meetup.

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