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Discover your perfect business match with Ziga, the social network for entrepreneurs seeking partners or co-founders. Expand your network, engage with investors, and pitch your business to find invaluable support. Connect today to unlock endless possibilities for collaboration and growth.


Profile which speaks for your business

Unlock the power of global networking by showcasing your business details and professional journey. Attract, engage, and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs worldwide who share your vision and ambition. Join us to expand your horizons and cultivate meaningful connections that drive success.

Powerful Search

Refine your search for the ideal business partner with precision. Tailor your criteria by location, education, language, age, gender, ethnicity, experience, interests, and more. Our advanced tools empower you to pinpoint exactly the right match for your entrepreneurial journey

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Opportunities at your fingertips

Ziga makes it easy to connect with like-minded individuals and capitalize on business partnerships, boosting your outreach and visibility. Join us to expand your network and seize every chance for growth and success.

Modern & Flexible

Top app features and details with elegance and style.

Advanced search

Search by exactly what you are looking for in a business partner in your area or across the globe.

Create a project

Explain your business needs, post it as a project, get it reviewed by other entrepreneurs, & wait for someone to accept the partnership. Good Luck!

Voice Networking

Experience a revolutionary shift in networking with ZIGA's voice feature! Bid farewell to endless scrolling and welcome efficient connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, all on-the-go

Verified Users

Look out for the blue check! It means the user is verified by a real time photo, that matches their profile picture. This app is scam free!

Like-minded people

Fuel your innovation! Connect with a vibrant community of partners, investors, and inventors to turn your ideas into reality.

Worldwide Community

Connect with ambitious entrepreneurs around the globe to launch and scale your business.

Some Example of Ziga App Experience

Check out what you can expect from the application and make better use of Ziga in search of a business partner.

Download the app now and start connecting instantly.

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